What Should You Know After All These Years in Path of Exile?

By | February 6, 2018

If you leave path of exile for a long time. What major things changed and what should you know after all these years?

I replied with this as a comment in a different thread… but this is the exact thing I was talking about…

I mean… if you think about what the game was in closed beta, versus what it is today… and alll of the things you have to know… I’ve introduced a lot of people to this game, having played it for yeeeaarrsss.. and not very many of them make it through the first week – but those that do, tend to stick around forever.

  1. Questing and Leveling – and where to go
  2. Skill gems, support gems, and how they work
  3. Gear and how it works
  4. Potions, all the different types, how they work
  5. Resistances and other defenses
  6. Mobs, their mechanics, and what can one shot you
  7. Boss Fights
  8. Masters
  9. Hideouts
  10. Maps
  11. Atlas
  12. Sextants
  13. Elder / Shaper influence
  14. Orbs – all of the different kind and how they work, and their values
  15. Skill Tree
  16. Jewels
  17. Essences
  18. Breaches and their shards/stones
  19. Nemesis / Bloodline
  20. Beyond
  21. Rogue Exiles
  22. Strongboxes
  23. Shrines
  24. Labyrinth
  25. Ascendencies – and how that changes everything
  26. Trading first in trade chat – and then Poe.trade
  27. Loot Filters
  28. What items are good / ilvls / prefix/suffixes
  29. Uniques
  30. Crafting
  31. Cards – what they do, where they drop, which ones are valuable
  32. Prophecies
  33. PvP (lulz)
  34. New Challenge Leagues
  35. Hardcore vs Softcore vs SSF
  36. And then a whooole plethora of advanced things: like coloring using the vorici jeweler method – and almost every thing above, has an “advanced” version of knowledge

And I’m probably forgetting a whole bunch of stuff – but even that alone right now… that list is such an overwhelming amount of information for people to get started in. I think if I was just picking up PoE right now, I’m not sure I’d be able to get over that hurdle – because it’s so much to “catch up on”. It’s also one of the reasons I keep playing, because I DO know so much about the game.

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