The Top Ways of Farming Currency in Path of Exile

By | February 12, 2018

Also, while people love to compare money/ time here, IMO the more relevant stat for most players is how much you enjoy doing something. I know there are more profitable ventures than what ive done this league, but as i vary it and don’t do things i find boring, I’ve gotten a lot of fun out of the league and have a good chunk of wealth. In general id recommend just finding something profitable you enjoy and playing it a lot.

poe currency

My league was mainly just chasing the elder around the atlas. As long as you don’t need to reroll too many mods on maps, alcing maps and running them is easy profit.

If you enjoy lab that is profitable too, but it’s not for everyone. Usually depends on the time of league and your ability to invest time.

PoE Item/currency flipping are the most chaos/hour, but it isn’t for everyone. Early on in the league if you get your masters to level 8 very fast, you can also make a huge amount from selling your services. I only flipped currency for about a week, and was getting a little over 400-500 chaos/hour depending on times. It could have been more; I was very new to it all and wasn’t in every market.

Boss killing is also much more profitable early on, both in terms of the items and bosskilling payments, but drops dramatically as the league goes on. Chaos/hour will depend on what you kill, and early on very dependent on your map drops, but it’s quite high.

Uberlab can be extremely lucrative if you’re willing to put in the time to learning how to do it fast (under 5 minutes at most), and can stand to do it dozens and of times on a good layout day. Chaos/hour various quite a bit depending on what enchanting strategy you go for (helm enchants on popular helms hoping for a big payout, or boot enchants on common boots for a more consistent stream), your speed, and the layout, but from my experience I’d average it out to maybe 150-250c/hour.

“Good” mapping strategies, actually playing the game, can vary quite a bit depending on how you do it, but from the data people post here it seems to be somewhere in the ballpark of 100-300chaos/hour.

What do you think how to quickly get Farm Currency?

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