Looking for the Most Efficient Starter Build I Can Get with 50c – PoE

By | April 23, 2018

I’m a new player, I have been messing around with poe for the last 2 weeks with various characters, without really investing much in any of them. I have 50c to invest in a proper build, my question is which build will get me the furthest with that kind of investment? I dont have any kind of preference on play style.

You can run ED/Contagion Trickster with nothing but a Tabula for a long, long time. I killed Red Elder in it last league after upgrading to a 6L, Cherrubim’s, but basically that build can be done on literally no gear at all. It can clear anything except probably Uber Elder, though with crazy upgrades who knows, though its damage for single target is only okay compared to stuff like AWC Totems and MS.

Stupid high dps with either Molten Strike, Bladeflurry, or other attack skills. You’re going to be very close to point blank and +area damage stuff, so whatever fits your playstyle best will work. I personally use bladeflurry, even though I know that MS can have more damage. I just like it more.

Leech + instant health/mana from claw makes bosses very easy. Vaal grace should knock you into max dodge if needed, otherwise just have enough health to not get one shotted and face tank most things.

Clear speed is very fast

The build is scalable from the earliest parts of the game through the max endgame. You never reach a plateau. You can start with no currency at the beginning of the league or 50c and it will be great. You don’t need any specific items.

You use vaal pact. If you havent done this before, it can be intimidating. Once you figure it out, though, you can easily do labs – though people will tell you it is hard or something idk.

Do not attempt ele reflect or no leech maps. Reroll or sell them if corrupted. https://www.u4gm.com/