Beginner’s Guide to Terminology in PoE

By | December 26, 2017

New players that are looking to better understand what the heck are people saying in chat or forums might find it useful to have a glossary of most commonly used terms, acronyms and abbreviations in Path of Exile. But what do these words actually mean? It’s not too hard to grasp the basics, but understanding how these concepts play into your own mastery of a particular game is incredibly important.

1) Passive skill tree

  • RT – Resolute Technique (keystone passive found near the Marauder starting area which gives you 100% hit chance but you are unable to critically strike)
  • CI – Chaos Inoculation (passive in between Witch and Shadow tree, your health is 1 but you are immune to Chaos damage)
  • IR – Iron Reflexes (bottom right side of the Duelist tree, converts all of your Evasion into Armor)
  • BM – Blood Magic (bottom left part of the passive skill tree, you have no mana and your abilities use health instead as resource); also used for support gem that has the same effect
  • EE – Elemental Equilibrium (enemies you hit with a certain elemental damage gain resistances to it but lose resistances to other elemental damage types)
  • US – Unwavering Stance (you can’t be stunned)
  • PA – Pain Attunement (30% more spell damage when on low life)
  • VP – Vaal Pact (your life leech applies instantly)
  • EB – Eldritch Battery (converts all of your energy shield into mana)
  • GR – Ghost Reaver (life leech applies to energy shield)
  • MoM – Mind Over Matter (30% of damage is taken from mana before life)

2) Skills and gems

  • CS – Culling Strike
  • LMP/GMP – Lesser and Greater Multiple Projectiles, two support gems that add additional projectiles to a particular ranged ability
  • EK – Ethereal Knives
  • FP – Freezing Pulse
  • 20/20 – signifies a level 20 gem with 20% +quality
  • EA – Explosive Arrow
  • LA – Lightning Arrow
  • RoA – Rain of Arrows

3) Currency

  • Ex – Exalted Orb
  • CH – Chaos Orb
  • GCP – Gemcutter’s Prism
  • Alt – Orb of Alteration
  • Fus – Orb of Fusing
  • See currency exchange rates for a better understanding of trading ratios.

4) General

  • GG (items) – frequently used term to describe “godly gear” items, high-end valuable equipment with often maxed attribute rolls
  • Spork – name for a very popular dual Spark totem build (Spark + Fork)
  • C/O & B/O – “Current offer” and “Buyout“, often used by players selling items
  • PST/PM – “please send tell” and “private message“, usually used by players who want you to message them for whatever reason
  • AoE – “area of effect“, used to describe skills and abilities that can affect multiple targets at once (examples being Cleave, Firestorm, various curses etc.)
  • WTB/WTS/WTT – “Want to buy“, “Want to sell” and “Want to trade“
  • RNG – literally “Random Number Generator“, stands for the randomness of something in the game
  • 6S/6L – referring to an item with “six sockets” or “six linked sockets”; can also be 6S/5L, 5L, 4L, etc.
  • iLvl – item level: every item in the game has a specific iLvl depending on the level of the area you are in (for example if monsters in the area are level 30 items will be iLvl 30 as well). You can check iLvl by picking up and holding an item from your inventory and typing /itemlevel in chat. In essence iLvl determines how high the stats on an item can be.

5) MTX – Microtransaction

  • Legacy – legacy items are pre-nerfed versions of items which retained their old, typically higher values. Example includes Kaom’s Heart: only +500 health version can drop now, but +1000 health Kaom’s Hearts are legacy and extremely expensive due to limited supply.
  • Character
  • STR, DEX, INT – Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence
  • IIQ/IIR – Increased Item Quantity and Increased Item Rarity (see: How IIQ & IIR works)
  • MF – Diablo term which stands for “Magic Find“, combined stats that increase your chances to get more rare equipment
  • IAS/AS – Increased Attack Speed
  • ES/AR/EV – Energy Shield, Armor, Evasion
  • Res – Resistance

If you have any other terms that need adding or explaining feel free to post them below! I hope this guide can help you, more tricks and tips, you can visit our website, furthermore, there you will find the cheap POE currency you want, to get more information click here.