Are You New To the Path of Exile?

By | February 8, 2018

So, I’m pretty much done with the league. But I like to help newcomers and I’ve done it several times before. PoE is daunting at first, especially when you are alone. And having someone to help you and ask questions towards is great!

Some weeks ago I found a guy asking for regret orbs to fix his build at act 5. I gave him 14 regrets that he needed and gave him some stuff to help him get resists up and survive. He was so grateful. We leveled together up to 70+ and I’ve helped him almost every day since with gear, maps, lab and what not. Hopefully I got him over the threshold so that he will continue to play in the future and support others and GGG!

Learning what is good and what isn’t for their character.
Learning to plan their character before even making it. PoE is all about planning, and building your character as you go is rarely a good idea.

The economy
PoE’s economy is based on trading. There is no universal poe orbs such as gold. There are, in it’s place, currency items. Currency items are the items that are used for buying and selling in PoE, but they have an added value in the effects that they can have when used on items.

poe guides

The gem system
Going back to the subject of “noob traps”, the gem system has many of them. In PoE, skill gems can level like your character, however there are reasons to consider not leveling them.

The gear system
From mods to sockets, gear in Path of Exile will rarely be equippable as soon as you get it: Those gloves you just got have amazing stats, but the sockets aren’t the right color, or aren’t linked! Which means you have to craft on them (crafting is the act of spending currency to modify an item, such as linking sockets with orb of fusing). Many times as a new player have I gotten an upgrade, but screwed myself over by spending all my currency trying to craft on it, or on something else, and not ending up with the result I desired, resulting in the item being put in the stash until I had more path of exile currency to use on the item. Some management is required.

So, if you want, we can level together from start and I’ll explain mechanics, tips and tricks and guide you along the way. I can help with some starter gear, uniques etc.

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