A Lot of the Dialogue in Path of Exile Is Elegant and Surprising

Path of Exile has been a weird journey of off and off play that took five years of trying and trying again for it to fully grip me. I’m a massive fan of Diablo 3. I highly recommend this game, but it has its pros and cons. Don’t forget to from U4gm.com to poe currency buy, which is the best choice for poe orbs services on the market!

+Great art style

+Realistic, detailed animations

+Satisfying sound effects

+Great soundtrack

+Familiar point-and-click play

+Fun action

+Interesting, in-depth skill system

+Excellent plot

+Great writing and voice acting

-Almost all items are useless and not worth selling

-No in-game player-to-player market

-Not much incentive to play with others

-Skill system encourages players to follow strict, ready-made guides

-Microtransactions are way too expensive

What really shines in this game, for me, is the writing. It’s actually quite good, something that happens pretty rarely in video games, even more so in free-to-play’s. A lot of the dialogue in PoE is elegant and surprising. They actually hired people who can write. Kudos!

The weakest point is the loot system. The vast majority of drops aren’t even worth selling. It’s extremely uncommon to find something useful, with enough links. Thankfully the player market is vibrant and full of cheap supply, but the big downside is you have to go through a website to make it happen, which breaks verisimilitude in a harsh way.

The end-result of the loot and trade systems is a somewhat haphazard experience that leaves players finishing the main plot without even having the setup that they’d like to have — not by a longshot. I’m coming up on the end, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, but I can’t help feeling that I really wish the game had more quality loot with — especially with more links.