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PoE Have Been Introducing Many Powerful New Items

As you know, GGG have substantially buffed most Ascendancy classes and have been introducing many powerful new poe items. The metagame has already shifted quite a lot due to these changes, so various larger changes have had to take place elsewhere. GGG’ve called out a few in this article.

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1. Zana doesn’t have Breach this league
Ever since we introduced the concept of different Zana levels adding league mods to maps, we have been cycling the mods in and out. While we occasionally run some back to back, we often take crazy ones away to let other ones have time in the spotlight.

2. Monster Rarity Damage Modifiers
This one is a little complex, but the TL;DR is that your mods like “monsters deal reduced damage” now actually work properly in a lot more cases.

3. The full explanation:
In Path of Exile, there are many things related to the rarity of monsters (Magic, Rare, Unique) that increase the damage of those monsters. For example, a map mod might increase a boss’s damage. In addition, the rarity of a monster itself adds an intentional bonus to its damage (which is why rare monsters do more damage than magic, and unique monsters do more damage than rare). Historically, these damage bonuses were always intended to be multiplicative (so that they actually had a decent effect), but were implemented as additive.

Oni-Goroshi is a whole lot harder to find
Needless to say, people with Oni-Goroshi can level up very quickly. At its 3.1.0 spawn rate, a popular strategy is to farm the Twilight Strand for four hours to get the sword, and then having an easier time with the playthrough.

4. Bisco’s Collar Nerf
The increased quantity of items from slain normal enemies has been reduced from 50-100% down to 35-50%.

5. New Sextant Rules
You’ll see the following change in the patch notes:
There is now a limit to the number of Sextants you can apply to your Atlas. The base maximum is 1, but this limit is increased by completing bonus objectives and Zana’s quests, up to an absolute maximum of 5. Adding Sextants above this limit removes the oldest one. Existing Atlases will keep their Sextants, though applying new Sextants will still remove the oldest one. You can see which Map has the oldest Sextant by hovering over the new Sextant display on your Atlas.

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PoE: Why Does Bestiary League Feel Like Doubling Down on Vorici?

For those of you that weren’t around for Talisman league it worked like so: you killed a monster that was possessed by and dropped a talisman (special amulet base). There were four tiers, all dropped corrupted. The only way to upgrade was to place five of one tier into an altar to create ONE (read: single talisman) of a tier higher. The ilvl was determined by an averaging of the five slotted with a weighted average of three of the highest ilvl, 2 of each of the mid levels and 1 of the lowest (divide by 10 you get your ilvl). The rarity by a percent chance distribution. How do I remember this …it scarred me forever.


This mechanic was so awfully tedius there was a significant dropoff in people engaging with the mechanic and playing in general. Getting anything good required playing this insanely rng and arithmetic dependant mechanic that was a HUGE turn off to a lot of players. I absolutely hated talisman league. The league was not folded into the core game, for good reason.

So from what I’m gathering we have tiers of nets to capture tiers of beasts that need a prerequisite net to capture a certain tier. On top of this we need a certain amount of beasts captured to do a craft, which also requires us to fight beasts in a pit that are dangerous to acquire the craft, which also may or may not be rng dependant as well. I’m gonna assume like all crafting there’s some deterministic properties and some rng and these are budgeted accordingly.

The capturing of beasts requires the ability to stop dps, which makes some builds significantly less viable in a league where there are revamps to make more playstyles viable. Vorici is among the least popular masters because his mission requires special control of your character over packs of monsters/individual exiles that players honestly cannot be expected to reliably control. Many people solve vorici by simply blasting through and if it fails, oh well hope I see you again later master assassin.

I think we all need to just try it. It might not be so bad. What if the first 7/8 nets are in story mode with the last two in yellow/red maps? That’d be pretty easy to manage. The in-game currency is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers can poe buy orbs from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.

The Top Ways of Farming Currency in Path of Exile

Also, while people love to compare money/ time here, IMO the more relevant stat for most players is how much you enjoy doing something. I know there are more profitable ventures than what ive done this league, but as i vary it and don’t do things i find boring, I’ve gotten a lot of fun out of the league and have a good chunk of wealth. In general id recommend just finding something profitable you enjoy and playing it a lot.

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My league was mainly just chasing the elder around the atlas. As long as you don’t need to reroll too many mods on maps, alcing maps and running them is easy profit.

If you enjoy lab that is profitable too, but it’s not for everyone. Usually depends on the time of league and your ability to invest time.

PoE Item/currency flipping are the most chaos/hour, but it isn’t for everyone. Early on in the league if you get your masters to level 8 very fast, you can also make a huge amount from selling your services. I only flipped currency for about a week, and was getting a little over 400-500 chaos/hour depending on times. It could have been more; I was very new to it all and wasn’t in every market.

Boss killing is also much more profitable early on, both in terms of the items and bosskilling payments, but drops dramatically as the league goes on. Chaos/hour will depend on what you kill, and early on very dependent on your map drops, but it’s quite high.

Uberlab can be extremely lucrative if you’re willing to put in the time to learning how to do it fast (under 5 minutes at most), and can stand to do it dozens and of times on a good layout day. Chaos/hour various quite a bit depending on what enchanting strategy you go for (helm enchants on popular helms hoping for a big payout, or boot enchants on common boots for a more consistent stream), your speed, and the layout, but from my experience I’d average it out to maybe 150-250c/hour.

“Good” mapping strategies, actually playing the game, can vary quite a bit depending on how you do it, but from the data people post here it seems to be somewhere in the ballpark of 100-300chaos/hour.

What do you think how to quickly get Farm Currency?

Are You New To the Path of Exile?

So, I’m pretty much done with the league. But I like to help newcomers and I’ve done it several times before. PoE is daunting at first, especially when you are alone. And having someone to help you and ask questions towards is great!

Some weeks ago I found a guy asking for regret orbs to fix his build at act 5. I gave him 14 regrets that he needed and gave him some stuff to help him get resists up and survive. He was so grateful. We leveled together up to 70+ and I’ve helped him almost every day since with gear, maps, lab and what not. Hopefully I got him over the threshold so that he will continue to play in the future and support others and GGG!

Learning what is good and what isn’t for their character.
Learning to plan their character before even making it. PoE is all about planning, and building your character as you go is rarely a good idea.

The economy
PoE’s economy is based on trading. There is no universal poe orbs such as gold. There are, in it’s place, currency items. Currency items are the items that are used for buying and selling in PoE, but they have an added value in the effects that they can have when used on items.

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The gem system
Going back to the subject of “noob traps”, the gem system has many of them. In PoE, skill gems can level like your character, however there are reasons to consider not leveling them.

The gear system
From mods to sockets, gear in Path of Exile will rarely be equippable as soon as you get it: Those gloves you just got have amazing stats, but the sockets aren’t the right color, or aren’t linked! Which means you have to craft on them (crafting is the act of spending currency to modify an item, such as linking sockets with orb of fusing). Many times as a new player have I gotten an upgrade, but screwed myself over by spending all my currency trying to craft on it, or on something else, and not ending up with the result I desired, resulting in the item being put in the stash until I had more path of exile currency to use on the item. Some management is required.

So, if you want, we can level together from start and I’ll explain mechanics, tips and tricks and guide you along the way. I can help with some starter gear, uniques etc.

What Should You Know After All These Years in Path of Exile?

If you leave path of exile for a long time. What major things changed and what should you know after all these years?

I replied with this as a comment in a different thread… but this is the exact thing I was talking about…

I mean… if you think about what the game was in closed beta, versus what it is today… and alll of the things you have to know… I’ve introduced a lot of people to this game, having played it for yeeeaarrsss.. and not very many of them make it through the first week – but those that do, tend to stick around forever.

  1. Questing and Leveling – and where to go
  2. Skill gems, support gems, and how they work
  3. Gear and how it works
  4. Potions, all the different types, how they work
  5. Resistances and other defenses
  6. Mobs, their mechanics, and what can one shot you
  7. Boss Fights
  8. Masters
  9. Hideouts
  10. Maps
  11. Atlas
  12. Sextants
  13. Elder / Shaper influence
  14. Orbs – all of the different kind and how they work, and their values
  15. Skill Tree
  16. Jewels
  17. Essences
  18. Breaches and their shards/stones
  19. Nemesis / Bloodline
  20. Beyond
  21. Rogue Exiles
  22. Strongboxes
  23. Shrines
  24. Labyrinth
  25. Ascendencies – and how that changes everything
  26. Trading first in trade chat – and then
  27. Loot Filters
  28. What items are good / ilvls / prefix/suffixes
  29. Uniques
  30. Crafting
  31. Cards – what they do, where they drop, which ones are valuable
  32. Prophecies
  33. PvP (lulz)
  34. New Challenge Leagues
  35. Hardcore vs Softcore vs SSF
  36. And then a whooole plethora of advanced things: like coloring using the vorici jeweler method – and almost every thing above, has an “advanced” version of knowledge

And I’m probably forgetting a whole bunch of stuff – but even that alone right now… that list is such an overwhelming amount of information for people to get started in. I think if I was just picking up PoE right now, I’m not sure I’d be able to get over that hurdle – because it’s so much to “catch up on”. It’s also one of the reasons I keep playing, because I DO know so much about the game.

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What Are Top Tips To Get Poe Orbs in Path of Exile?

Rare is the gear tier that most players rely on. It’s not as difficult to acquire as Unique items, and they have much better stats than Magic items. once again, they’re not perfect. Then again, in a dungeon crawler where gear drops and their stats are at random, nothing is. The PoE currency revolves around a variety of different orbs and scrolls. Each currency item serves a specific function in the crafting and enhancement of a character’s equipment, or allowing restructuring of the character’s passive skill tree in the case of the Orb of Regret. The following post is a guide of PoE Chaos and Exalted Orbs.

Going for Rare Items
What sets Rare items apart from Magic ones, apart from the better base stats, is the number of affixes it can have. Unlike the latter, Rare items can have up to six affixes: three prefixes and three suffixes.

However, Rare gear doesn’t naturally come with six modifiers. Instead, gears that get an upgrade to Rare with the Regal Orb, which turns a Magic item to Rare, will have two to three modifiers. On the other hand, a Rare item gained with the Orb of Chance that upgrades a Normal item to random rarity, including Rare, and Orb of Alchemy, which enhances Normal gear to a Rare one, both have four modifiers.

Chaos Orb: Effect and Purpose
Rare gear can then fill up the six modifiers with Exalted Orbs, which add a random affix to Rare items. Meanwhile, Chaos Orbs reroll a Rare item’s modifiers. These two orbs, when used wisely, can make a Rare item significantly better.

There is the Chaos Orb that’s useful for a Rare item you’d find helpful but has undesirable modifiers. You can change the affixes until they become suited for your build. Yes, over and over again since the result will be random. Aside from randomizing the affixes, the number of affixes is also randomized, so it’s not recommended to use Chaos Orbs after using an Exalted Orb unless you want to reroll on purpose.

Using Your Exalted Orbs Right
Meanwhile, you should use Exalted Orbs on your Rare item that has less than six affixes. You can use it directly, but the affix your gear will receive is at random, so hopefully, it adds a modifier that’s helpful to your build. If not, then you’ll have to deal with it, otherwise, if you don’t mind playing another game of chance, reroll with a Chaos Orb.

Now, if you’re not the type to take chances, you can choose to use your Exalted Orbs in Mastercrafting. This means having one of the forsaken masters put a signature modifier on an item. It’s a special kind of modifier called a meta-crafting modifier, which affects how modifiers behave. A Rare item Mastercrafted by Elreon can have the meta-crafting modifier (“Can Have Multiple Crafted Mods”) allowing it to have more than one crafted mod for the price of two Exalted Orbs. Now, that’s a bargain!

Lastly, I usually grind a lot first days of a new League, buy chaos orbs from marketplace to get me started,and earn like 500 Exalted Orbs in 2 weeks by just farming Atziri for her loot.