Guides for Getting FIFA 17 Beta Testing

As usual, A FIFA 17 close Beta testing will be provided to the FIFA players which selected by EA Sports before FIFA 17 is released to the general public, in order to test the game. If selected by EA, you’ll be able to download the game direct to your Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4 or PS3. Unfortunately the beta won’t be available for PC users. Here we are going to give you some information and tips on how to get the free FIFA 17 Beta testing. Now if you need fifa 17 ps4 coins, pay attention our website, as well as discounts surprises waiting for you oh.

fifa-17-beta test
What’s the FIFA 17 Beta Testing?

The free FIFA 17 beta allows players aged 18+ to try out a FIFA 17 game mode and give the developer feedback on anomalies they might find, and also suggest potential alterations. This beta has also got the particularity of promoting the game itself.

When does the invites get sent & when does FIFA 17 closed beta start?

Last year, EA sent out their FIFA 16 beta invitations to a small number of players on July 27th – 28th, 2015 via their Origin email addresses. FIFA 17 beta invitations will likely be sent around the same time this year. So stay alert to your mail box, pay attention to all folders including spam. And the FIFA 17 closed beta start probably in the week after Gamecom, at 25 Auguest 2016 TBC. And the FIFA 17 closed beta goes on ten days.

What happens after the ten days testing?

If and when you receive your invite and code, the game will be available for download on your console sometime between August 21st – 31st, 2016. And after 10-day testing, people can no longer have access to the beta. At this point the players are supposed to give EA Sports feedback.

Which game modes will be tested in the FIFA 17 Closed BETA?

Pro Clubs
Career Mode (including the new story mode: The Journey)
On line Seasons
Ultimate Team
When exactly are each of these game modes going to be tested?

In the FIFA 17 closed beta all game modes will be tested at the same time, from the first to the last day. The difference is that the invites will be addressed specifically to one game mode. If you get selected then EA will most likely add you to the mode you played most.

How to get the beta?

Received an invitation does not mean you can play the beta. As the number of spots is limited so as soon as you receive the invitation you’ll need to register in order to guarantee yours. After registering your interest to the FIFA 17 Beta, you’ll then get a confirmation email. If approved, EA will send you details on when and how to download the FIFA 17 beta along with all the terms and conditions.

Are you looking forward to the FIFA 17 beta? Here are tips on how to increase your chances of receiving an invite.

Generally speaking, the selection process is random, but there are still some things you can do to increase your chance of receiving an direct invite.

Firstly, over the next few weeks make sure that you’re very active on the game mode you wish to beta test. This does not mean to say you have to be in Div 1 or have a full in-form team! It’s worth noting that some users received invites that weren’t overly active, but that seems to be the general consensus.

Secondly, login to your Origin account at and if you wish, set the privacy settings we’ve selected below. We’ve included everything related to FIFA. Once you’ve selected the boxes, remember to click ‘Update’. Remember to frequently check the ‘Game Tester Program’ tab to see if FIFA appears on there. If it does, check the box and then click update.

What else I should pay attention?

The FIFA 17 Beta file you need to download is bigger than 16 GB. And you can not sell or share your invite, the invite for sale are almost never legit because invitations are always associated to one Origin account. Except give EA feedback, you would be asked to test something out specifically.

Hope you will be one of the lucky ones that will get to try out FIFA 17 before everyone else! If you want the first time to learn about the FIFA 17 latest news. Our website will be your best choice.