Corner Kicks Guide for FIFA 17

There’s a new corner system in FIFA 17 that you’re going to want to know about. Corners are a major source of goals, whether for or against, so mastering this set piece will increase your chances of winning matches. If you now need buy FIFA 17 coins, you can pay attention our website, we are professional FIFA coin sales agents. In our updated FIFA 17 corners tutorial we’re going to let you know what’s changed from FIFA 16, along with tips on how to take and score from corners.

FIFA 17 Corner Kicks

FIFA 17 Corners

EA’s new FIFA 17 corner system feels way more realistic, so much so that they’ve spent the last two years rewriting both penalties and corners, while also taking the opportunity to give free kicks and throw-ins a refresh. The new FIFA 17 corners system will also feature in certain free kick scenarios, such as; wide areas, outside the box and deep free kicks, helping to add more realism and variation. Don’t worry, direct free kicks will still remain, along with the quick free kick system often used in less attacking situations. Unlike FIFA 16, where you could just power up corners, aim in the box and then tap to get a header, FIFA 17 will have way more realism. It will feel much more rewarding scoring from a corner as there are so many more intricacies, discussed below.

What’s changed in corners from FIFA 16?

.Multiple ways to take the corner, i.e. lofted, driven etc.
.New attacking techniques allow you to use the downwards header etc.
.The new corner system aims at improving a lot behind-the-scenes action. This includes run types and the movement of players, while all relating to the type of ball being delivered into the box and its trajectory.
.When you are aiming, players jostle for position to get free in the box, including shirt pulling, pushing and quick changes of pace.
.When you deliver the ball, players anticipate where it’s landing and attack the trajectory.
.After taking the corner you need to switch to your attacking player, make some space while tracking the trajectory of the ball and get an attempt in on goal.
.The players that you aren’t controlling can also attack the ball. This can often cause flick ons which help mirror real world football. As your players are tracking the trajectory, many will be in a goal scoring position after a flick on.
.When defending corners, you will also have many more options when jostling for position or tracking opponents runs.

How to take and score from corners in FIFA 17?

More details will become available shortly on taking and scoring corners.
FIFA 17 corners will be way more realistic and rewarding. Instead of a hit and hope, almost a lottery, you can now use your skill to convert.

You will see a hugely increased variation of goals in FIFA 17. While corners weren’t previously broke, in our opinion they did need an overhaul. What do you think? If you want the first time to learn about the FIFA 17 latest news. Our website will be your best choice.