FIFA 17 New Changes and Game Mode Introductions


FIFA 17 is finally on the revelation cards and there are very large changes in the game that would would give far-better gaming experience this year as the game is available in the market. And cheap fifa 17 coins you can get at which is a professional fifa coins seller.

The change to the Frostbite engine had already been announced earlier and a real, true to life action can be seen in the new gameplay trailers and the thrilling screenshots.

As has been discussed, there are so many gameplay advances that include new run types, newer skill moves, new tackle techniques and nearly three times more animations than FIFA 16.

The largest makeover is felt in game set-pieces that would include a new methodology for taking corners and rid of the vague hopes after making a hit. Also, the Penalties have received an overhaul that allows the player to run after the ball from different angles while adjusting chase speed.

And amazingly what’s more is that you can move along the touchline while making a throw and even fool your opponents by faking a throw.

The biggest overhauling in the game is felt through the new career mode known as “the Journey”, where in one can play as Alex Hunter, a new upcoming star of the Premier League backed by a long line of footballers.

The experience is very intriguing and starts from the back of the stadia in the dressing room, tunnels and Alex’s home when he was just a kid.

After the match is over, you would be required to answer a set of questions with the help of a conversation wheel derived from the Mass Effect and Bioware- with multiple choices given from which the right response needs to be selected.

There is also a training hub giving you drills everyday for a resultant growth. And making the gameplay journey even more fantastic will be the vetting of the script by stars Marcus Rashford, Harry Kane, Marco Reus and Deli Alli.