What Kind of Practical Implications Might that Have, PoE?

By | March 10, 2018

So, circlejerking aside, one of the most interesting changes the Elementalist gained (and the Scion – partially) were the changes to Beacon of Ruin.

Specifically these:

  • Chills from your Hits always Slow by at least 10%
  • Shocks from your Hits always increase Damage taken by at least 20%
  • Based on what Mark_GGG has said previously, the way these work is that if you would chill or shock, regardless of your damage dealt (but you need to deal at least 1 point of chilling/shocking damage) your shock/chill magnitude can never be below 20%/10%.

Pretty good so far – but it gets better. Increased ailment/shock/chill effect applies on TOP of this base magnitude! This means the 20% increased effect of non-damaging ailments on Beacon of Ruin mean that these nodes essentially mean that you are applying a minimum 12% chill and 24% shock.

In order to bring these effects to their maximum magnitudes of 30% for chill and 50% for shock we need to get a total of 150% increased ailment effect for shock and 200% for chill. We get 20% for free so thats 130%. For shock it looks like the easiest way to stack this up is to use the Unbound Ailments support – which has 30% increase ailment effect at level 20 and using a skill like Arc or Shock Nova, which have 29 and 39% increased shock effect respectively!

Bonus points for including an Inpulsa’s which has an enormous amount of shock effect. In this way with a small amount of shock effect investment we can turn a lightning skill with ZERO investment into lightning damage into a guaranteed nearly 50% increased damage taken effect on any target! Including shaper!

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