What Could Be Improved In Path of Exile On Xbox One?

By | January 4, 2018

You may already know, person an enormous hit, but it’s still in the beginning. We all know that lots of everyone came here to so we wanted to express our ideas on which might make the sport better.

Better Trading Experience

To be fair the Xbox One version of Path Of Exile is still in its infancy, but the trading in the game is a little on the clunky side and we would like to see it just streamlined a little bit. It is manageable, but it could be so much more user friendly.

Xbox One Events

The problem with Xbox One is stuff disappears from the home screen as quick as it pops up. Path Of Exile having a new event once a month, that was heavily promoted on Xbox One would really do wonders to get a new player base, but also offer more fun for the existing player base.

More Tabs

We are talking more tabs in general here. But specifically, we would like to see more tabs on the inventory screen. A tab for maps, tab for cards, coins and pretty much everything else. It may make the screen look a little busy, but playing a game like Path Of Exile on a controller requires things like this to make it quick and easy to get to menus.

We’re feeling the launch of POE Xbox One person great and it’s really a couple of small things that should be altered to really make it overall better. We would like to understand what changes you want to see within the Xbox One form of Path Of Exile within the comments below. More tricks and tips, U4GM will continue to update more. You can get cheap POE xbox currency and save some cash!

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