How much Will FIFA 17 Influenced by Frostbite

By | June 14, 2016

FIFA 17 Frostbite

Overall the engine should in theory boost everything we see in FIFA 14-16 but push it much further, these would be the most obvious changes:

.Lighting. Way more immersive and realistic. It wouldn’t surprise me if we end up getting dynamic lighting which changes in a game (say you play a 3PM game in winter, you’ll end the game with it being dark).

.Animations. I’d presume we’re gonna say a lot of smoother animations that just increase the realism. If you want to get cheap fifa 17 coins, you can visit our website.

.Presentation. The teaser showed that they’ve rendered both the inside of Stamford Bridge and the Old Trafford changing rooms. That would be a bit pointless wouldn’t it? I’m expecting these are to be used somewhere to “show off” the graphics a bit, and having a guess i’d say this is either for the TV style presentation where we see teams waiting before kick off, or an even cooler idea is when you’ve been inactive for maybe 30 seconds instead of it showing you around the pitch like it does now it takes you through locations within and around the stadium e.g. Old Trafford would show us the pitch, aerial view of the stadium, outside the stadium, inside the dressing rooms.

.Physics. This is a big question mark because it could either mean we’re back to square one with EA Sports being incapable and not knowing how to use the engine like the past 2 they’ve had, or it means an overall improvement over the past few years. It is arguably the biggest change from a physics engine.

.Overall graphics. Pretty much a lot more could be handled, from various details inside the stadium, hopefully extra title presentation cutscenes and obviously, managers on the touchline. This is more crucial for Career Mode than anything else, and the fact the ending shot of the teaser has the name HUNTER on the back (and not Martial, who I thought it was), i’m hoping it means a big improvement on all aspects of Career Mode.

All above are changes caused by Frostbite. What do you think? Welcome to leave comments below.

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