Advice for Teamplay in FIFA 17

By | June 24, 2016

FIFA 17 Teamplay

Fifa has never been the same without teamplay and personally if there is no teamplay in Fifa 17, me and a lot of my friends will boycott Fifa 17 just like we did for Fifa 16 and so would a lot of people. If it has teamplay and I want to buy fifa 17 coins to prepare for the coming game.

Teamplay was the best in Fifa and here are changes to make it even better:

1) Make it 10 vs 10. No one can control the goal keeper. Goalkeeper is controlled by AI.

2) Goalkeeper can only be controlled when it comes to penalty and a random player will be chosen.

3) All gamers can play as ANY football player and not just one person. All gamers should be able to select ANY while selecting a position to play as.

Make this happen and teamplay will be fun. I don’t see what the problem is because everyone has been asking for teamplay for the last 2 years. Teamplay was the only game mode I played in Fifa. Like any other game it is fun when you’ve a good team. But I played with all my friends on the same team and it was fun.

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