Advice and Italian Serie B in FIFA 17

By | June 26, 2016

My first fifa was back in 98. Why is it so hard to fix the licensing for the Serie B? Every year since i can remember there have been Serie B but never have the teams been licensed. Our website offers the cheapest fifa 17 coins. I don’t think any particular league have been like this. How come they keep Serie B in every year but never fixes the real shirts and badges? It’s a weird one. This is the league i care about second most in the world, so it pisses me off, it makes me feel like they arent even trying. Every year i wait for it to be licensed but it never happens.

And second thing. Why can’t you play on rain and in fog on FIFA 16 (online), you could in beginning i think but they took it away, why? It takes away much of the game, it makes it different from game to game when it can be different weather. And the follow up question to this is will FIFA 17 have this and will FIFA 17 have dynamic weather? So a game can start dry but end in rain or rain in start and end dry, that would be amazing.

And also, different types of rain, sometimes more, sometimes less. I think the weather is something EA should work with much. Can bring much to the game.

Besides I play career mode from time to time but it becomes borring beacuse there are not enough stadiums, leagues etc. Alright, Premier League are good. But the other leagues? Nah, you get bored after one career mode and end up swaping different Premier League teams instead.

PL = 20 stadiums.
No otHer league have over 5 stadiums.

For career mode this is by far the most important thing to work on. When all the big 5 leagues have ALL the stadiums, then it is getting somewhere.

If they said they are keeping the same career mode as this years but was able to put in all the big 5 leagues stadiums i would accept it. It would make a whole new career mode.

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